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Avoid The Bait And Switch So Prevalent In Internet Marketing

Avoid the bait and switch so prevalent in Internet Marketing and you
will be way ahead of the pack.
You see …
There’s a nasty little bug travelling around the Internet Marketing
community that is becoming more common every day.

You may have experienced it yourself.

image showing formula to make profits online

You find an amazing looking system that looks set to revolutionize your
ability to generate traffic, or profits, or maybe both.

And the best part?

The asking price is peanuts!

With nothing to lose you jump on board, but then you discover…

The unexpected one-time-offer that explains that to make the system
REALLY work properly you need this “special upgrade” that costs an extra 200 bucks. *****

You feel committed now, so you fish out the credit
card again.

But before you know it, you’re faced with yet another up-sell.

This time you discover that to make the system work for more than a few
weeks, you also need this other tool that costs $47 per month.

Suddenly this great value system is looking less like a bargain and more
like an excuse to bleed your bank account dry.

But you know what I realized the other day?

The traffic exchange industry has always been a little bit like that.

You join a traffic exchange for free and everything’s great to begin with
until you discover that to make this thing work properly you also need:

– A tracking system. – A URL Rotator. – A downline builder.
– And a separate system for generating referrals.

Some traffic exchanges have tried to provide simplified versions of these
tools but they’re usually pale imitations that don’t offer the level of
control and customization that you need, leaving you with little choice
but to pay for third-party solutions.

This means more expense AND the hassle of juggling multiple programs.

So it’s time to buck the trend… avoid this annoying bait and switch tactic.

With a traffic exchange that includes COMPREHENSIVE versions of all of
these tools, WITHOUT extra cost and WITHOUT scrimping on quality.

Everything you need to make your traffic exchange
system work, all in one place.

=> HitsViral

When someone tries to pull the old “bait and switch” tactic on you:

  • Don’t take it lying down
  • Demand your money back.

And if anyone tries to tell you that this is just the way it’s done, then show
them HitsViral as proof that there are still some program owners out there
who believe in offering true value…

…without hidden costs.

Your Success


PS: Someday every traffic exchange will be like this.
Until then, this is the best traffic exchange to make the foundation of your
traffic generation strategy.


Traffic Exchanges: What I Learned On Janet Legere’s Live Training Today …

Janet Legere’s FREE Saturday Noon Internet Marketing training
is a favourite online hangout of mine and I do not often miss it.

Janet is known as the “List Building Queen” and rightly so.

She is a phenomenally knowledgeable and generous mentor and

Today she did not teach the webinar session and had a guest speaker,
James Holmes of S.W.A.T and BootsScootinTraffic exchanges fame.

James shared 10 tips for successfully using Traffic Exchanges and I
want to briefly share them with you and invite you to Janet Legere’s next
training session on Saturday 23, 2011.

James shared that when he first started using Traffic Exchanges, he was only
interested in free traffic and  was also trying to sell on these platforms.
He said that he later learned that the correct way to use a Traffic Exchange is
to firstly, brand you and secondly, to build a marketing list by offering your
visitors something of value in exchange for them giving you their contact details.

Here are Jame’s tips:
1 Join only 5 Traffic Exchanges to start, set them up completely and correctly and
master those before joining others.

2 Ensure that your use link trackers to be able to track the performance of your links

3 Always use a rotator to promote your marketing links as they (rotators) are easier
to modify when you need to make changes.

4 Maximize your credits early in the month, either by surfing or buying them so that
your sites will recieve the optimum amount of exposure time.

5 Make promoting your Traffic Exchanges affiliate links a priority as this will help
build a downline and earn you advertising credits. You can also eventually send these
downlines a low key invitation to join your business opportunity.

6 James also recommends that we should test often and adapt and modify our marketing

7 When you promote your Traffic Exchange links you will most likely earn enough income
to upgrade which often affords you some features not available as a free member

8 Leverage the social media aspects on some traffic exchanges to enage other members in
making comments or answering questions..which helps you brand yourself and build relationships.

To learn the other tips that James Holmes presented on Janet Legere’s Live Training today
please follow this link for the recorded version of this webinar.