Fundamentals Of On Page Search Engine Optimization


On page search engine optimization makes or breaks your website or blog content?

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Website owners who want to have their website or blog rank on the
first or second page of a search engine such as google must either learn
how to do their own optimization or outsource this specialization.

There is on page optimization and off page optimization.

In this article post I am addressing the on page type.

This type of SEO is done by  identifying keywords associated with
your business, industry or niche.
As a general rule you need optimize your page for only one keyword.

Effective keyword research and use is not going to go away!

It is imperative that all web content producers learn how to implement SEO as best they can.
Or, outsource this task if they find it too daunting.

The following article states that on page search engine optimization need not be
difficult and has a guide with actionable strategies to help you get your share
of website traffic.
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Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page