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Search Engine Optimization Simplified

What Is Search Engine Optimization?
It is the process and strategy of getting a first page ranking on Google which is the
number one search engine on the Internet.
Get a good ranking on Google and you will also do well in other search engines, such as
Bing and Yahoo.
A first page ranking is important for your business as most people who search online will not
often go past the second page in their searches.
The mechanics of Search Engine Optimization is straightforward but still not easily
accomplished and not static either.
It is elusive and constantly changing, especially as Google often changes its Algorithm in an
effort to:

  • Better serve its customers
  • Thwart cheaters who try to circumvent the rules of good Search Engine Optimization

Your First Step To Achieving Search Engine Optimization:

Research the best keyword (s) for your product or service.
Search for a keyword tool online. There are some free ones available and the list keeps growing.
Input your keyword or keyword phrase to begin your search.

For example, when you search on Google for “high end lawn furniture” you will be presented
with several pages.
Ignore the ads and go to the organic searches;
These are the phrases that real potential customers and buyers have searched for online.
Choose the most descriptive words or phrases that describes what you are going to offer
and build your website and marketing content around those.
Some experts insist that your website name (domain name) must have your keyword in it.
That might be ideal, but it is not always possible because with popular products or service
that domain has either:

  • Already been taken, or:
  • Too expensive to purchase, especially for a beginner with a limited budget

After you have a list of keywords you go to a domain seller like GoDaddy or Hostgator
and purchase your website name.
Hostgator also sells inexpensive hosting for your website.

Focus on your keywords!

Your content should focus on your keywords in an appropriate percentage/ratio to the
length of your post.
That means no overuse of keywords in an attempt to fool search engines about the
value of the information you have at your site.
Write to give your reader honest helpful information that will enable them to make clear
choices about your product and your competitor’s.

As your website grows and you get feedback from customers add those to your website
as testimonials.
To make your website become more visible to buyers you must promote, either through
paid or free methods.
Paid advertising can be found by doing a search engine request for that phrase.
Some of the most effective free methods are article marketing and linking back to your
“high end lawn furniture” website or blog.
Here Is A Short List Of Article Marketing Sites To Get You Started:
Go Articles
After you have gained some popularity with your own blog or website you might also be
asked to guest post on other sites in your niche. The reward is usually a link back to your
website. If that link is from a high ranking site that will help to push your own site higher
in ranking too.
Ultimately, never forget that you want what is best for your potential customer so find a
quality product one you are proud to promote and then do so in an honest and helpful way…
As I said earlier this is a simplified version of Search Engine Optimization for more help

Fundamentals Of On Page Search Engine Optimization


On page search engine optimization makes or breaks your website or blog content?

Read an informative definition of the term at:

Website owners who want to have their website or blog rank on the
first or second page of a search engine such as google must either learn
how to do their own optimization or outsource this specialization.

There is on page optimization and off page optimization.

In this article post I am addressing the on page type.

This type of SEO is done by  identifying keywords associated with
your business, industry or niche.
As a general rule you need optimize your page for only one keyword.

Effective keyword research and use is not going to go away!

It is imperative that all web content producers learn how to implement SEO as best they can.
Or, outsource this task if they find it too daunting.

The following article states that on page search engine optimization need not be
difficult and has a guide with actionable strategies to help you get your share
of website traffic.
Read the article at the following link:
Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page