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Wake Up and Live Your Successful Life Now!

Wake Up and Live!Wake Up and Live! by Dorothea Brande
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A book for our time!
Though published in 1936 the instructive
value of this work has not diminished.
If anything has changed is that we, our
culture and society could benefit greatly by re-visiting
the timeless insights that Ms. Brande writes about.

Personal responsibility is the central theme of the book and
it is just as foundational now as it was then.
This is not another one of those self indulgent introspective
exercise that ends with no concrete or life-changing result.

Ms. Brande gives tips and strategies both anecdotal and
experiential to take us from wish-washy living to dynamic
and potent lives if only we choose to exercise self-discipline
and restraint.

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Wake Up and Live makes it clear that our most ardent
competition is not from outside ourselves, but from within
our own minds.

We must learn to perform our own mind control!

One of my favourite tips in the book is this; that we
must realize that when we match our wits against
ourselves we are taking on the shrewdest and wiliest
antagonist we will ever have.

In other words we literally are very often our own worst
enemies when it comes to orchestrating our failures.
Why is this?
Because we invest too much of our time in idle pursuits
or dis-empowering associations and many other
activities that do not lead to our purported goals and
plans for our lives, both personal and professional.

I love this book and the style of writing truly
resonates with me.
There is no excess of words or airy jargon, just the
facts and what to do with them to progressively
achieve the desired and promised outcome(s).

This book should be required ready in schools and
re-read all through adult life.

It can be used to great benefit by students, internet
marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers
and indeed all other types of  businesses and for
personal development as well.
I know that I will be re-reading it often.

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