Only 2 Percent Of Internet Marketers Make Money Online

Only 2 percent of Internet marketers make money online even though
there are billions trying to do so.

Why is that?

And can anyone really show these other 98% how to become part
of the profitable 2% who make money online?

Actually it is not that difficult to make money online if you have a
workable system and don’t give up.

One thing that the successful 2%ers do is they learn all they can
about any business or opportunity that they choose to become
involved in.

The 2% of Internet marketers who make money online do not
flit from opportunity to opportunity.

Instead of running after every new thing that comes their way,
they do good research and give an opportunity time and effort
to have a measurable result.

The 2% of Internet marketers who make money online have a plan and
know what they want to see happen for them in an opportunity.



Some have a set monetary goal, such as when and if a business is able
to replace their current income from their job, for example.

At that time they will feel that the business has potential and they will
then look around for a new venture to add to this source of income.

Because another strategy of the 2% of Internet marketers who make money
online is diversity and multiple income streams.

Because only 2% of Internet marketers make money online you might be
tempted to think that there are only a few worthwhile opportunities to
choose from, but you would be wrong.

There are many profitable businesses online, however, you must
choose one that fits your personality, time availability and investment




Leveraging Other People’s Money Successfully


High yield programs have a bad reputation and while some of it is deserved, there are some well run opportunities that present a win-win outcome for all their investors.

I have joined and lost money in a few of these programs and so am a bit more critical and skeptical when invited to join.

There is a program called Onex.me and it offers the opportunity to really make a life changing income for only $5.00 out of pocket.

I have listened to the free webinars which are presented in an informative, low key and non-hype manner by members who want to help other members get good basic knowledge of Onex.

In addition to its low startup costs, here are some other highlights of Onex.me:

  • %100 PERCENT MATCHING BONUS (get paid 100 percent on your sponsored members)
  • Does not require sponsoring, but is recommended
  • You control your 4×4 matrix
  • Potential for great spillover if you act early
  • Great training  to build your business
  • And so much more…

If you want to take control of your own financial bail out plan, onex is a great place to start.

Even if you started slowly and it took you a year to achieve the awesome financial rewards that this opportunity promises, wouldn’t that be something worthwhile to work towards. Instead of sitting around waiting and worrying about the government or some coorporation’s NON-EXISTENT BAILOUT PLAN?

I believe it is and that is why I have excitedly joined Onex under my sponsor and would love to have you come check it out and join me for a chance at a brighter financial future.

Join me now at MY GLOBAL INCOME!

When you leverage other people’s money for a win-win outcome you have taken the high road to changing your
financial future.

One Benefit Of Internet Marketing Is Sharing Income Opportunities

Sharing Online Income Opportunities

One benefit of internet marketing is sharing income opportunities like the one below that
I am reviewing in this post.

For me one benefit and privilege of being an Internet Marketer is discovering and sharing
business opportunities.
Positively impacting some else’s financial life means a lot to me because that
could lead to them fulfilling their wildest dreams.

Many income opportunity programs promise financial freedom.
But unfortunately, some of them will EVENTUALLY fail to deliver on their promises!

This is often because they were:

  • Too expensive to join
  • Had no real products and
  • Required too much RECRUITING to begin earning an income.

I was recently introduced to an online income opportunity that I could
see had little to no downside.

Here is what I learned about this income opportunity:

  • Ten dollars $10.00) free to test the income opportunity
  • Easy almost fail- proof earning potential
  • No need to sponsor to earn (though sponsoring increases your earning exponentially)
  • Real product(s) to offer to other marketers

When you think about what financial independence would mean for you and family, isn’t worth your time to investigate an Internet marketing opportunity that is affordable,  provides real products and optional sponsoring.

Many of us have seen our income and lifestyle seriously curtailed, undermined and eroded due to
ongoing global financial instability.

Wouldn’t it be a great advantage to find something that will take the stress of financial worries off your shoulders?

For me, the benefits of Internet marketing is not only my own success, but the success of my readers and other Internet marketers.

Sharing income opportunities online is easy, and that is why as soon as I discover a good offer I do not hesitate to review and pass it on.

While it is true that not every business opportunity is right for everyone, I do believe that each individual should make that decision for themselves, based on all the facts.

I encourage you to learn more about this business opportunity at the link below.

 Get Financially Fit Here