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Affiliate Marketing Provides Money Solutions

Affiliate Marketing Provides Money Solutions

Affiliate marketing provides money solutions online for many
Internet Marketers.

Making money on the Internet can be very easy when you have
most of the work pre-done for you.

That is THE REASON affiliate marketers join a successful business and
market or promote their products for them on a commission basis.

Many successful Internet marketers began their rise to success
by doing affiliate marketing – and some still do!

The most important steps are:

  • Join the right affiliate program(s)
  • Market correctly and
  • Consistently

Then add more offers and over time you too can make an income
that provides money solutions for you and your family.

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make you money!
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Affiliate marketing provides money solutions when you
have the best one.

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Here are just a few of income generating properties of this offer:

  • Email Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Auction Site
  • Paid To Click
  • Website Builder
  • Advertising

And just wait until you see how little it is going to cost you to
become a part of this easy to operate money solutions for you and your

So, whether you just want to:

Discover how to get from where you are to where you start enjoying some money


Avoid The Bait And Switch So Prevalent In Internet Marketing

Avoid the bait and switch so prevalent in Internet Marketing and you
will be way ahead of the pack.
You see …
There’s a nasty little bug travelling around the Internet Marketing
community that is becoming more common every day.

You may have experienced it yourself.

image showing formula to make profits online

You find an amazing looking system that looks set to revolutionize your
ability to generate traffic, or profits, or maybe both.

And the best part?

The asking price is peanuts!

With nothing to lose you jump on board, but then you discover…

The unexpected one-time-offer that explains that to make the system
REALLY work properly you need this “special upgrade” that costs an extra 200 bucks. *****

You feel committed now, so you fish out the credit
card again.

But before you know it, you’re faced with yet another up-sell.

This time you discover that to make the system work for more than a few
weeks, you also need this other tool that costs $47 per month.

Suddenly this great value system is looking less like a bargain and more
like an excuse to bleed your bank account dry.

But you know what I realized the other day?

The traffic exchange industry has always been a little bit like that.

You join a traffic exchange for free and everything’s great to begin with
until you discover that to make this thing work properly you also need:

– A tracking system. – A URL Rotator. – A downline builder.
– And a separate system for generating referrals.

Some traffic exchanges have tried to provide simplified versions of these
tools but they’re usually pale imitations that don’t offer the level of
control and customization that you need, leaving you with little choice
but to pay for third-party solutions.

This means more expense AND the hassle of juggling multiple programs.

So it’s time to buck the trend… avoid this annoying bait and switch tactic.

With a traffic exchange that includes COMPREHENSIVE versions of all of
these tools, WITHOUT extra cost and WITHOUT scrimping on quality.

Everything you need to make your traffic exchange
system work, all in one place.

=> HitsViral

When someone tries to pull the old “bait and switch” tactic on you:

  • Don’t take it lying down
  • Demand your money back.

And if anyone tries to tell you that this is just the way it’s done, then show
them HitsViral as proof that there are still some program owners out there
who believe in offering true value…

…without hidden costs.

Your Success


PS: Someday every traffic exchange will be like this.
Until then, this is the best traffic exchange to make the foundation of your
traffic generation strategy.


Make Internet Marketing About Me – Your Customer!

Internet marketing is your opportunity to communicate to your customer what
you can do for them.
Do that before you start touting all the benefits and features of
your product or service.

If your focus is all about:
“Here’s how we can help you”, “here’s what I can do for you”
“here’s what you get if you buy my product” then that makes
your marketing message all about you.

There is nothing wrong with communicating all the great things about your
product, but that must not be the first message you send your prospective
So, how do you put your customer’s needs first and make your marketing
message about them?

In the first words of your marketing pitch you SHOULD empathize with your customer’s situation.

To make Internet marketing about your customer:
You must feel their pain, understand their frustrations  only then will you be able to establish that
connection with them.

As an example:

Check out the political story that is unfolding in the United States and you
will begin to see what I mean.
Mitt Romney cannot seem to connect with ordinary citizens there and so all
polls show him trailing Barack Obama in this very important trait – connectedness
and relatability.

These traits can be learned, but while Mitt Romney may be running out of
time, fortunately you as an Internet marketer can afford to take your time and
learn to make your Internet marketing about your customer and not just you.

A strange thing happens when you show your customers that you care about their
needs first – they listen in a different way to your marketing message.

And this is how you get their attention and interest in your product or service.

Afterall, no matter how eloquent your marketing content is, it wont do any good if
your prospect or customer does not read or listen to it.

And then of course they wont take the action you desired and you will have wasted
time, money and effort!

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5 SMART Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting seems to be always on our minds.

But sometimes what we need are more smart goal
setting tips.

Why is that?

Well, I have noticed that too much multitasking can be just
as inefficient and ineffective as doing nothing.

So, here are 5 smart goal setting tips:


Be Single Minded!
That means choose one goal, prioritize it and work on it exclusively.
Not only will you be more productive, but you will be able to decide
if this is really the most important action you should be taking.

Think reading emails vs placing an ad or writing and submitting articles!


Be Motivated!
Self-motivation is something we all need and especially those of us who
are sole proprietors working at home.
There is usually no one around to keep you on track or give you a pep
talk, so being able to keep going when you feel like giving up is a skill you
must have or learn.

Remember your “why”! Why do you do what you do! Is it helping others
or working on a cause. Whatever it is, it has to be powerful enough to drive
you on.

Take action! Goals without action is the same as having no goals.
Decide what the next step in your goal should be and do it, even if
it cannot be completed, start today.
If you plan to write an eBook or report for your business, lay out
the Table of Content or Chapters.

Even if you re-arrange them later, at least you will be one step further
to reaching your goal of producing your book or report.


Review and revise your goals.
Don’t just blindly work on your goals, check to make sure they are
still relevant to what you wish to achieve in your professional or personal
As you work on your goals you might fight that some steps can be accomplished
in a more effecient way because of new technology.
Learn and adapt!



It is good to ask for input from others, but ultimately only you can know when
you are satisfied with your finished product.
Whether it is an ebook about your business or sales page for your product, you
must eventually consider the project “done” and ready to be promoted.

So, go ahead set goals and follow the above 5 smart goal setting tips!

Then repeat to achieve Internet Marketing Success.

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Your Money Is In The List AND The Follow Up!


Even the most basic Internet Marketing Training will stress to the
newbie marketer and the expert alike that your money is in the list
and the follow up.

You will hear over and over again that to be a successful as an
Internet Marketer you must build a targeted list of potential
clients and buyers.

While that is indisputably true; there is a second and equally
important part to your list building strategy.

Your money is in the list AND the followup!

There is no BENEFIT in building a list and never creating some kind
of relationship with those LIST of subscribers.

Your list should be dymamic and as interactive as possible.

Have you ever gone into a store and been ignored by the staff?
How did that make you feel?

Well, that is what you are doing when you build a list and then only
send them marketing materials.

I have heard customers say that they will travel long distances to make
purchases, simply because of how well they are treated by the staff.

You must do the same thing with your Internet Marketing list.

Sure, if you build it, they will come! But they will leave just as quickly
if you don’t show them good reasons to remain on your list.

So, how do you show your list that you care?

Here are 2 ways:

Send them a welcome email and make it as personalized as you can.
Let them know that you appreciate their trust in giving you their contact
details and that you will make every effort to provide good reasons for
them to stay on your list.

Ask what they want to accomplish online and how you can help.
It has been said that “people don’t care how much you know, until you show
them how much you care”.
So, show your list that you care about their success, as well as your own
and that you are willing to help them achieve it.

Free, useful information is the number reason that Internet users come
online and when you provide this, you will eventually come to be considered
an expert in your subject.

So, if you are looking for Internet marketing success, don’t forget that the
money is in  the list and the follow up!

In his ebook manual:

Kevin Donlin, gives some very useful and specific advice about how
to get the most out of your marketing list by following up.

This quick-read “Follow-up Marketing” guide is divided into 3 parts:

  1. How to Attract More Leads
  2. How to Convert Prospects into Customers with Follow-up
  3. How to Get Repeat Sales with Follow-up

Plus you also receive some free bonuses that are guaranteed to make you a successful
Internet Marketer without spending a fortune!

  • In bonus #1, you learn how to do easy
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  •  In bonus #2, you learn two ways to create a remote-control
    product development lab
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Feeling Stuck In Your Business? The Solution Is Simple …

Feeling stuck in your business is something all internet marketers
eventually encounter.

The information in this video is guaranteed to help you to stop feeling stuck
in your business.
The solution is so simple … take action, do something.

I agree completely with the video speaker that taking action daily is
the surest way to get where you want to go and achieve your goals.

I know, because as she says it works and it sure does work for me.
Yes, we all get frustrated by lack of progress and results sometimes.

We feel stuck in our business and feel “what’s the point?”
However, the moment we start to take even the smallest action in
our plan the way just seems to become clearer for the next forward
moving action and so you can stop feeling stuck in your business
and become engaged and motivated.

So, enjoy the video and then take the next step to stop feeling
stuck in your business, the solution is simple!

The “Why” Of Your Internet Marketing?

Motivational and empowerment coaches all tell us of to think of
the “why” in our quest to be successful in the aspects of our lives that we want
to improve.

For example, if  our goal is to make lots of money, we should ask ourselves
(1) why and (2) what will our lives look like once that goal is achieved.

If we want lose weight, are we doing for ourselves (recommended) or
do we want to be attractive to and for others etc.?

So what is the “why” of your Internet marketing?
What drives you each day as you turn on your computer and start to do the
things that we as Internet marketers do each and every day in or efforts to market
our products and service our customers?

Whether we sell and promote our own products, or engage in affiliate marketing.
Whether we write articles, make blog posts or buy ads on Google are Yahoo.

Why do we want to be a success in Internet marketing.

Is it to secure financial independence for you and your family?
Is it to have time freedom to do the things you really enjoy?
Is it to help others by donating to charity or charities?
Do you have dreams of traveling the world and seeing all the famous places

Whatever your reasons, your “why’ for wanting to be a successful Internet market,
one thing is sure it will be as individual as you are.

Yet, one thing is also true, without a “why” that is meaningful and resonates with you,
the impetus to achieve your goals can be much diminished when challenges and setbacks
occur, as they will for everyone at some point in their lives.

So, please take a moment and focus on your  “why” right now and watch this very powerful
Reasons Not To Give Up By Les Brown Video!