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Making money online has never been easier!

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In my over ten years as an Internet Marketer I have
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Smart phones are outselling PCs and laptops 12-to-1 on a daily basis.
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Preparing For Financial Success Online In 2014

Financial success online in 2014 will not be more of the same old re-hashed and unproductive systems and actions of 2013.

Many Internet marketers did not fulfill their dreams of making money online in 2013.

Sometimes it was their own fault for not staying focused and instead going after
every new shiny thing and “get rich quick” scheme.

However, many more were serious about their efforts to create financial success in 2013, yet they did not achieve their goal.


Because hard work alone is not enough to create an INCREASING income!

If you are working at the wrong thing or taking the wrong actions you will still just be
as unsuccesful as those who do nothing.

That is unfortunate, but true!

So, in preparing for financial success online in 2014 you must:
Pick a business idea or model and stick with it until it becomes profitable, then you
repeat that process for further success.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Suppose you decide to write an ebook for sale as you first business online.

You first have to learn all you can about writing and promoting your book!

How To Write An Ebook In As Little As 7 DaysPlus, learn to avoid the mistakes ebook writers make that prevent them from
making money online.

Financial success online in 2014 will take focused and sustained action, fortunately
all you need has been done before and you can find step-by-step intructions in a variety of very helpful resources.

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Why Authority Web Sites Make Earning Easier Online

Authority web sites make earning easier online because as an Internet marketer you can
very quickly create trust and build that relationship bridge between you and your reader
or customer.

In real life people do not take seriously a store location that is forever changing its
name, do they.


So it is with your online business.

Building an authority web site that delivers value-driven, entertaining, informative and
well written content is the best way to become known as a reliable expert online.

Watch The Video Below To Learn How to Build A Six Figure Authority Business Website Using Free SEO Software

When this content is consistently delivered to your reader in an easy to access and
navigable format you will no longer have to go chasing traffic to your web site or blog.

Your readers will return often to peruse your updated content and if they find it engaging
enough will share it with others through social media, etc.

Establishing trust online is the core benefit of making the effort to create an authority
web site or blog.

That is not to say that the other mutiple ways of marketing online are invalid or don’t have
much to offer, it is just that an authority web site is more focused and will help you
conserve your energy and maximize your marketing potency.

Here are 3 steps to creating your authority web site or blog:

  • Create a video for your content and put it on Youtube as well as your own web site.
  • Write 100 or more posts containing your absolutely best writing efforts.
    There are many ideas about how long your posts should be, it is my advice to go
    for quality posts between 350 – 700 words that deliver useful, solutions -oriented
  • Ensure you post with regular frequency, don’t disappoint your readers who have come to look forward to reading and sharing your expertise with their circle of influence.

Here are 3 reasons why authority web sites make earning easier online.

  • You will have an easier time obtaining repeat customers
  • You will need to spend less on marketing and advertising
  • You can focus your efforts on producing great customer-driven content.

Your Money Is In The List AND The Follow Up!


Even the most basic Internet Marketing Training will stress to the
newbie marketer and the expert alike that your money is in the list
and the follow up.

You will hear over and over again that to be a successful as an
Internet Marketer you must build a targeted list of potential
clients and buyers.

While that is indisputably true; there is a second and equally
important part to your list building strategy.

Your money is in the list AND the followup!

There is no BENEFIT in building a list and never creating some kind
of relationship with those LIST of subscribers.

Your list should be dymamic and as interactive as possible.

Have you ever gone into a store and been ignored by the staff?
How did that make you feel?

Well, that is what you are doing when you build a list and then only
send them marketing materials.

I have heard customers say that they will travel long distances to make
purchases, simply because of how well they are treated by the staff.

You must do the same thing with your Internet Marketing list.

Sure, if you build it, they will come! But they will leave just as quickly
if you don’t show them good reasons to remain on your list.

So, how do you show your list that you care?

Here are 2 ways:

Send them a welcome email and make it as personalized as you can.
Let them know that you appreciate their trust in giving you their contact
details and that you will make every effort to provide good reasons for
them to stay on your list.

Ask what they want to accomplish online and how you can help.
It has been said that “people don’t care how much you know, until you show
them how much you care”.
So, show your list that you care about their success, as well as your own
and that you are willing to help them achieve it.

Free, useful information is the number reason that Internet users come
online and when you provide this, you will eventually come to be considered
an expert in your subject.

So, if you are looking for Internet marketing success, don’t forget that the
money is in  the list and the follow up!

In his ebook manual:

Kevin Donlin, gives some very useful and specific advice about how
to get the most out of your marketing list by following up.

This quick-read “Follow-up Marketing” guide is divided into 3 parts:

  1. How to Attract More Leads
  2. How to Convert Prospects into Customers with Follow-up
  3. How to Get Repeat Sales with Follow-up

Plus you also receive some free bonuses that are guaranteed to make you a successful
Internet Marketer without spending a fortune!

  • In bonus #1, you learn how to do easy
    automatic upsell techniques …
  •  In bonus #2, you learn two ways to create a remote-control
    product development lab
  •  Plus, TRIPLE BONUS: Autoresponder Secrets Of The World’s
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Being An Internet Marketer Can Be Fun And Profitable

Being an Internet marketer can be fun and profitable because the
Internet is both interesting and evolving.

It is and environment that offers many exciting opportunities to
learn, grow, have fun and be profitable.

However, there are some challenges as well.

One of the most challenging aspect of the Internet is that some users,
both experienced and inexperienced, refuse to learn and employ a
few simple rules of engagement.

Yes, I know many people say that the Web is a wild, wild world!

And it can seem so at times, especially when it pertains to Internet marketing and the many
different strategies that are all being used very successfully and profitably.

However, there are rules, some subtle and flexible and others that can
destroy your credibility and business success when you break them.

Take email marketing for example:

Send emails to people who did not request them and you can be accused
of spamming, reported to your ISP, banned by your service provider and
even sued.

There are many ways to practice email marketing without engaging in spamming.
One of the most effective way is to build your own marketing list or lists.

You do this by offering something of value on your website or blog, in exchange
for your prospect’s email address.
Then you can send them updates and your sales information for your products and

Of course, if they ask to be removed from your mailing list you should promptly
do so.

This is fun, because you get to know a bit about your future customer as you build
a relationship with them and they get to know, like and trust you.

Eventually your mailing lists will:

  • Become more targeted
  • Allow you to make more sales
  • Increase your profits
  • Be able to offer your customers more personalized items and services

Isn’t that more fun and profitable than being called a spammer or having your
email deleted in annoyance?

How To Avoid 3 Of The Biggest Internet Marketing Lies …


Thousands of Internet Marketers are making huge amounts of money online!

No doubt about it!

And you can do it too, but you must avoid falling for these three big and very prevalent lies on the Internet!

  1. Some dishonest and crooked Internet Marketers will claim that you can do nothing, purchase nothing and sell nothing and sit around all day and just rake in the dough.

I really don’t know who is more stupid, the new marketer or the one spouting these lies. Unfortunately, these con artists get away with and much of their income is derived from these lies.

The Internet is no different than the “real world” offline, you must create value to reap value.

It is as simple as that.

Of course these same liars want to charge you a pretty penny to show you how to do this “Magical Nothing” that is supposed to make you rich overnight, if you please.

2.   Some Internet Marketers claim that you can get rich without building a business and recruiting/sponsoring.

Just how your business and income is supposed to increase is a mystery that they often have very complex and convoluted explanation for.

They provide convincing but fake income statements, complex compensation plans and hyped and unbelievable marketing literature.

3.   One of the biggest lies that the new Internet Marketer must be aware of and avoid is the promise to recruit or sponsor for you.

Here is why this lie is so damaging (a) This program owner will charge you for those putative recruits and (b) you have no guarantee that these recruits will do anything to help you move your business forward.

As well, successful marketers usually reward only their “heavy hitters” or super-affiliate with recruits or spillovers as they call them.

It is very unlikely that as a new marketer you will fall into that category.

Why not find a real product or service that you like and choose one of the many effective marketing strategies.

Then become expert at it and add others to create a solid and stable income base.

Then keep repeating this plan until you start making money as an internet marketer.

Internet Marketing is neither as easy as “they” say or as hard as “you” think!