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Internet Marketing Blog Commenting

Internet marketing blog commenting is a post inspired by my long time mentor and fellow Internet Marketer, Jim Daniels

Jim is a pioneer online marketer and is a  true teacher “guru” , doing and teaching good marketing practices long before they became standard actions for Internet Marketing.

Seems that Jim always was paying it forward, knowing that you must give to receive and grow not just
financially, but in all areas of your life.

Anyway, this blog post is about Internet marketing commenting and how to correctly use it as an effective part of your Internet marketing strategies.

Jim Daniels says, “One of the easiest do -it- yourself strategies for generating more website traffic and better search engine rankings is ‘blog commenting.’

However, he cautions that there are some danger zones and how to avoid them.

The first part of blog commenting is to find appropriate blogs to comment on, and Jim says the following ways are effective in accomplishing this.

Google’s Blog Search Engine.

If that does not produce results or enough results then search using your keyword phrase like this “keyword phrase” +”leave comment”

Jim has many more great tips on how to make blog commenting work for your blog’s  successful marketing strategies.

Read Jim’s post here

Making a comment on a blog is a privilege and not the place for total self – promotion.
It is imperative to actually read the article post before making your comments.

And remember even if you have a different opinion from the blogger you should use courteous
language to express your view and do not attack the blogger personally.