High Yield Investment Plans

Why HYIP’s Do Not Accept Paypal As A Payment Option

I have always researched HYIP’s (High Yield Income Plans) that would
accept a PayPal account as a payment processor option.
And I have repeatedly been disappointed to find that NOT even one of
these plans qualifies.

I do not think Paypal is the issue; as I have never had any problems with
PayPal in the over fifteen years that I have used them as a payment

By process of elimination I believe the problem is HYIP’s themselves.

These High Yield Investment Plans so often DO turn out to be nothing
more than Internet scams and online Ponzi schemes; however, they don’t
get the chance to do much damage because Paypal is so vigilant.
Paypal IS so rigorous in its screening process and rules to
protect its users; that these fraudulent schemes are shutdown very quickly.

Even if these HYIP’s are able to initially obtain a PayPal account or use
one they already OWN, to start their program(s), they will be blocked and
eventually shut down as soon as Paypal realizes what they are doing.

So, again I ask myself, why wont PayPal allow these HYIP’s to use them
as a payment option ?
Is is because unlike all other payment processors PayPal has a dispute and
reolution center that is tough and member-friendly?
Scammers know that PayPal is vigilant and will detect and deflect dishonest
behaviour rigorously.
They therefore choose payment processors that are less stringent and do not
put as much effort into protecting their members.

So, here it is 2014 and I still cannot find even one single HYIP that can
honestly accept Paypal as its payment option.

This is sad but true and that just proves that these programs will never be a
viable investment option.

I do not believe Paypal will ever accept and or do business with these types of
Here is my reasoning for why HYIP’s do not accept Paypal as a payment option
and why PayPal do not accept them either:
Paypal would want better oversight into the program and they will not get it
because; many of these programs do turn out to be scams and Ponzi schemes
with the owners eventually absconding with the investment funds.

I am still asking the question: Why HYIP’s do not accept PayPal?

However, …

I must retract some of my earlier statements and conclusions above.
To date one of these HYIP’s that has stood the test of time and is
still going online, have done so without using PayPal as a payment

It is called Ad Click Express and if longevity is any indication then it
certainly has proven not to be the scam many said it was.

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