15 Fabulous Paths To Getting Anything You Want, Free!

One of the great things about the Internet and Internet marketing is the ease and speed with which information can be shared.

The ideas in this article came from an online associate who has generously allowed me to share these tips to getting anything you want for free.

He calls these the art of being an honourable freeloader.

Number 1

Get Clear About What You Want!

It doesn’t work to just want “everything” for free. The more specific and precise we are about what we want for free, the more powerful our brain becomes by generating ideas and methods of obtaining that something for free.

Example: I like to party, so instead of just wishing for an abundance of money to spend on partying, I focus on getting free tickets to tons of cool events. More than that, now I get the VIP treatment at most places, feeling more abundant than having financial abundance.

Number 2

Chunk It Down!

Sometimes the way to get want we want for free is through stages. It may not be free for us immediately, but working towards a path that gets us that free thing can be extremely rewarding.

Example: Lots of people wish that they didn’t have to make a rent or mortgage payment for the place where they live. Maybe it’s not possible to get that for free today, but what about the possibility of sub-letting, or hosting youth exchange students, or housesitting as a great way to subsidize our costs?

Number 3

Check Your Community!

Our biggest resource is through the network of people that we know. Chances are there are people within our network that either already have what we want (used and willing to give it away), or know how we can get it.

Example: Furniture, appliances, books, audio programs, DVDs/movies, and admission to shows/events are popular examples of things that people in our community have, and would be more than happy to give away. I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars on personal development programs through this method.

Number 4

Google It!

It never hearts to Google what we would like for free. Don’t just try one term, but many variations, especially based on varying geography. What may be expensive in one city could be free in another part of the world.

Example: Companies may not give a physical product for free, but offer the digital copy at no cost. We could locate our favorite song/music, find our favorite book in audio format, or maybe the first couple of chapters of the book we want as a PDF, before we decide to spend money on it


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I want to thank Ordinary for this extremely enlightening article about
getting anything you want for free.