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Financing Your Financial Future With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing For Online Income

Increasingly longer lifespans will necessitate changes to the way in which we save
for our retirement.

One thing we must do is increase incomes to support us in those added on years.
Financing your financial future with affiliate marketing could provide an income stream
for those people prepared
to achieve this smart and simple financial solution.

In Canada, one of the biggest fears is not of spiders, wars, debts or even the dreaded
public speaking.
Statistics shows that Canadians are terrified of outliving their retirement incomes.
This is for some a very justified fear; as more and more people are retiring still
burdened with huge amounts of debts to be paid down.

Michael Nuschke, part-time futurist and fulltime retirement planner has the vision
that we could actually start seeing individuals attain the 120 years life-span that has
been touted for so long.
Mr. Nuschke says that this is no longer just science fiction, because advancement in
health care and technology are accelerating to make this possibility more imminent.
Download his free report, ”The end of retirement as we know it” on his website:

In this report Mr. Nuschke states that at 80 years old if the individual strives to
retain physical and mental sharpness that there is no reason they cannot learn and
adapt to changes in the way they will work and continue earning.

My own view is that affiliate marketing online would fit this profile.
Finance Your Financial Future With Affiliate Marketing Here!

All of us have an idea of what our retirement will look like.

But none of us expects or plan to live a financially depressed and deprived lifestyle.
With some research and “outside the box thinking and planning” we can find a variety
of financial solutions to ensure those golden years, no matter how many, will be as enjoyable
as we hoped they would be.

Mr. Nuschke admits that while no one knows for certain how the future will unfold; there is
no doubt that we are living longer and healthier lives.
Last year, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries released new mortality tables that suggested
that men and women are living 2.5 to three years longer than was previously predicted.
If that is the case, then it is prudent for us to take a look at our financial retirement plan
to make the adjustment to accommodate for those extra years.

Looking for ways to build a continuous income stream that will generate revenue to pay the
day- to –day bills without depleting your capital?

Mr. Nuschke makes the following suggestions:

• Wait to collect CPP and OAS “By deferring, these government pensions will start at much
higher levels [when you do begin collecting]. Maximize the amount from these, the soundest, most
secure sources of income.”

• Consider a life annuity You hand over a lump sum of money to an insurance company that pays it
back to you over your life. “You can also buy annuities that are indexed,” says Nuschke, though
these are more expensive.

• Look for income generators Consider buying assets that produce income like a rental property or
invest in dividend-paying stocks. “Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have an extraordinarily good
record of increasing distributions,” he says.

• Add risk to your portfolio Fixed income investments aren’t generating returns like they used to.
But there should continue to be dramatic growth (i.e., investment opportunities) in tech and
health-care companies that ride the life extension wave.

• Invest in yourself Cultivate and maintain your good health and remain current with your skill sets.
By remaining healthy and up to date, you can stay in the workforce longer.

Financial Solutions For The 98% Who Fail To Make Money Online

Sad but true that 98% of would be Internet marketers do not make money online.

It is not for lack of trying either!
These 98% were misled, misinformed and plain just cheated by so called gurus.

Gurus who made hyped up and largely un-substantiated claims of huge incomes
supposedly generated practically over-night and all without doing any or little work.
They make promises to teach you everything you need do to make this
income, however, most of them do not make money and so cannot teach you anything.

Except maybe how to remain among the 98%!

Some of them do make some money, but would never share the entire “secret” because
then you would (a) become a competitor (b) stop being a cash cow, buying their courses,
manuals, guides and reports.

The 98% who fail to make money online need to visit many websites and online forums
in order to discover what really works and then try the opportunities that have good
solid reputations, historically accurate data and training with realistic promises.

Making money online rarely happens over night and if you are looking for long-term
sustainable incomes you must be prepared to do some work, at least in the beginning
as you learn about whatever business you choose to become involved in.

Another key strategy that the 98% must adopt as they seek financial solutions is to
NOT put all their eggs in one basket.

You must create more than one stream of income!

Businesses SOMETIMES fail and you are asking for financial disaster for you and your
family if you are counting on just one source of income.

The 2% have multiple streams of diversified income and will always look for more ways to
make money and an extra income.

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