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Email 30,000 Prospects Immediately

Did you know that you could email 30,000 prospects immediately by
using a mailing list that is already built?

No need to wait to build you own list!

State Of The Art Mailer Partners, Brad Webb and Paul Coonan have
given one more reason why you should be consistently using and
promoting this effective mailer.

Email 30,000 Prospects Now!

Every week they give away a Golden Solo Ad which is
currently an email sent to 30,000 members.

If one of your referrals wins the Golden Solo then you also
win a Golden Solo which allows you to send an email to
30,000 members at any time.

It’s a Win/Win situation!

Join now and refer a Weekly Golden Solo Ad winner at
State of The Art Mailer.

Not all mailers deliver what they promise and so you must
test and track your email campaigns.
However, this Mailer has been online and delivering awesome
marketing results since 2009.

In my opinion they have withstood the longevity test and have
many testimonials to prove that they also pass the effectiveness test.

One of things that really differentiates SOTAM from other
mailers is the Escalation Buttons.

Following is an excerpt from an article post by Jerry Iannucci
that explains this unique mailing method:

“So what makes State of the Art Mailer special?

SOTAM uses a unique mailing method called the “Button Escalation System” which
rewards active members with the ability to send their ads to more members.
It’s a little confusing but there’s a really good video on the site which explains it:

Basically when you start out as a free member you can email 500 members every 7 days.
However if you are active and read enough credit emails from other members you can
get bumped up to higher level buttons which  then allows you to email more members.”

Want to do more prospecting in 2017?

SOTAM is a great place to start, so sign up now!

Paid To Give Away Free Information?

How To MAKE Money With 5 Emails!

Being paid to give away free information is a very profitable online

Indeed, this is  one reason that makes the Internet so popular!
People want information about everything; lots of it!

They also want it TO BE free information, most of the time.
So, if you can get paid to provide them with free information then this could become
a win-win online money making opportunity for you.

The steps to make this work for you is explained very effectively in
the mini-course below:

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This mini-course formula reveals how you can make money online with
mini-course email marketing.
This is the secret to making money online without selling a product.

Selling is often a huge barrier to success for many “shy” Internet Marketers”.

Imagine …
Getting paid for sharing valuable, useful and helpful free information!

This is an automated system and you get paid month after month.

Some affiliate marketers have not found this opportunity yet, but
lucky you are not one of them.

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Autoresponders Make Email Marketing Easy

Autoresponders make email marketing easy and affordable for even
the smallest online marketing budget.

So what is an email marketing autoresponder?
It is an email utility that automatically replies to an email message
with a pre-written response when that email comes from a specific
email or Internet address.

Autoresponders are used by both individuals and businesses to
respond to clients and customers automatically.

For example: An individual may use an autoresponder to inform the
email sender that he/she is out of the office or on vacation.
The message can be as detailed as the individual wants to make it.

For businesses the autoresponders can be used to send a variety of

  • Purchases processed and on the way
  • Subscription request received
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Autoresponders are like 24/7 employees who never get sick or ask for a raise!

Getting one for your online business opportunity is one of the smartest things you
can do.

There are free autoresponders, but I find that they are almost have too many
restrictions and often have advertisements because that is how they can stay

Many of the more established and effective auto-responders offer a trial
period for you to test them and see which is easier and/or more affordable
for you.

Aweber and Getresponse 


Autoresponders Are Your 24/7 Marketing Assistants

Affiliate Marketing For Online Income

You write words in your marketing emails …

You don’t write words to communicate alone …

You write them to request an action …

Sometimes you want your readers to

  • Subscribe
  • Respond
  • Or make a purchase – this is known as a  “call to action”.

And it had better be clear and compelling!

But instead of pulling your blog or website reader in, does your content push or
scare them away?

This part of your Internet marketing can be easily and affordably done by
making Autoresponders your 24/7 marketing assistants.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

Autoresponders are your ever present and tireless marketing assistants, both and offline!
Aweber is the standard for these time saving and cost effective email marketing tools.

The benefits of email marketing can now be reaped by any business, no matter how small
their marketing budget is.
In addition, because Aweber provides so much automation with its service the sole
business owner can:

  • utilize the resources themselves
  • and bypass the expense of outsourcing.

Try Awebers  Autoresponders For One Dollar!

Learn How To Write Autoresponder Messages That Sell …

Watch the video presentation below …

Being An Internet Marketer Can Be Fun And Profitable

Being an Internet marketer can be fun and profitable because the
Internet is both interesting and evolving.

It is and environment that offers many exciting opportunities to
learn, grow, have fun and be profitable.

However, there are some challenges as well.

One of the most challenging aspect of the Internet is that some users,
both experienced and inexperienced, refuse to learn and employ a
few simple rules of engagement.

Yes, I know many people say that the Web is a wild, wild world!

And it can seem so at times, especially when it pertains to Internet marketing and the many
different strategies that are all being used very successfully and profitably.

However, there are rules, some subtle and flexible and others that can
destroy your credibility and business success when you break them.

Take email marketing for example:

Send emails to people who did not request them and you can be accused
of spamming, reported to your ISP, banned by your service provider and
even sued.

There are many ways to practice email marketing without engaging in spamming.
One of the most effective way is to build your own marketing list or lists.

You do this by offering something of value on your website or blog, in exchange
for your prospect’s email address.
Then you can send them updates and your sales information for your products and

Of course, if they ask to be removed from your mailing list you should promptly
do so.

This is fun, because you get to know a bit about your future customer as you build
a relationship with them and they get to know, like and trust you.

Eventually your mailing lists will:

  • Become more targeted
  • Allow you to make more sales
  • Increase your profits
  • Be able to offer your customers more personalized items and services

Isn’t that more fun and profitable than being called a spammer or having your
email deleted in annoyance?