Why Authority Web Sites Make Earning Easier Online

Authority web sites make earning easier online because as an Internet marketer you can
very quickly create trust and build that relationship bridge between you and your reader
or customer.

In real life people do not take seriously a store location that is forever changing its
name, do they.


So it is with your online business.

Building an authority web site that delivers value-driven, entertaining, informative and
well written content is the best way to become known as a reliable expert online.

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When this content is consistently delivered to your reader in an easy to access and
navigable format you will no longer have to go chasing traffic to your web site or blog.

Your readers will return often to peruse your updated content and if they find it engaging
enough will share it with others through social media, etc.

Establishing trust online is the core benefit of making the effort to create an authority
web site or blog.

That is not to say that the other mutiple ways of marketing online are invalid or don’t have
much to offer, it is just that an authority web site is more focused and will help you
conserve your energy and maximize your marketing potency.

Here are 3 steps to creating your authority web site or blog:

  • Create a video for your content and put it on Youtube as well as your own web site.
  • Write 100 or more posts containing your absolutely best writing efforts.
    There are many ideas about how long your posts should be, it is my advice to go
    for quality posts between 350 – 700 words that deliver useful, solutions -oriented
  • Ensure you post with regular frequency, don’t disappoint your readers who have come to look forward to reading and sharing your expertise with their circle of influence.

Here are 3 reasons why authority web sites make earning easier online.

  • You will have an easier time obtaining repeat customers
  • You will need to spend less on marketing and advertising
  • You can focus your efforts on producing great customer-driven content.

The Effective Use Of Good Internet Marketing Content


Even if you are new to the Internet you will already have heard how important good internet
marketing content is to your online success.

It is one thing that you must put careful and consistent effort into if you wish to accomplish a
high standard of credibility and profit.

Whether you are using article marketing or web content for your own website or blog it is
vitally important that your information be well written and organized.

There are some new stricter rules that when followed will better serve your content deliverability
and intended purposes.

Internet marketers and content writers can no longer put out carelessly written, poorly spun, or
scraped content, minimum length posts and articles, etc., and expect to see good results.

Fortunately, you do not need to have a language degree to create well written articles and posts.

Just taking your time, being conscientious and using the tools available to check and double
check your work will enable you to produce good content.

In addition to writing your own content there are some other ways to develop it.

You can outsource it.

Two ways to do this is to use freelancers or article writing services.

Do a search on and you will find many of these services to chose from.

Some freelance content writing services are:


Article writing services can be found at:


Those are just a few to help you get started.

Another way to obtain good marketing content is to use information in the public domain. As a rule anything that was written before 1923 is considered public domain content.

Information from 1923 to 1978 for which the copywright has not been renewed is also considered to be in the public domain.

Another source of public domain content is anything that was written for the government which is not (a) classified or (b) written by non-governmental agencies. These can be some very up to date reports and guide which will make your content very relevant and useful to your readers.

A common source of web content is Private Label Rights (PLR)

This is a very common source of information for web content producers, it is cheap and very available, however, you must be careful not to get tripped up by the overuse of this information.

The danger of using plr as content is that many others maybe using the same product, so be diligent about choosing and re-writing your plr articles.

Watch out for these following “must haves” when submitting your content:

  • Length, should be at least 400 words
  • Grammar, must be %100 error free
  • Original and unique
  • Keywords, do not overstuff and use them naturally in your piece
  • Quality of content, make it useful, accurate and relevant

This is how your content can become a very effective marketing tool that brings you respect and profit on the Internet.

Happy Internet Marketing!

Yvonne Finn