Blog Commenting For Dummies

The topic of blog commenting really intrigues me and so I have written
and made several blog posts about it.
Blog Commenting  For Dummies is my latest post, but I want to make something
clear before I continue:

I do not want to imply that people who take the time to read and make
comments on my blog posts are dummies.

Far from that!

I really value my readers and the ones who make comments of encouragement
and appreciation are my heroes.

Even those who disagree with my posts are welcome, because they help to keep
me honest and to re- examine my opinions.

So, please don’t be offended by blog commenting for dummies -it is written for
those who make blog comments that are:

  • Rude and offensive
  • Blatant ads for their opportunity

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a blog comment that is adding
some value to the blog you are commenting on and then having your comment
lead back to your own blog or business.

That is a win-win situation and as a community bloggers like to help other bloggers!

The challenge is to make your comments relevant and meaningful.

But that should not be too hard, if you have taken the time to read the bloggers’ posts.

Your comments do not have to be long, though they should be more than just “great”
or “good stuff”!

The best way, in my opinion is to read the blogger’s post to get the focus of what is intended
then either:

  • Summarize the post and comment on the whole idea
  • Or, pick one or 2 points in the post and either agree or disagree

That is all it takes to become part of the conversation and move the dialogue along.

As far as I know all blog commenting platforms allows the commentor the ability to
leave their website URL, so that the owner of the blog you are commenting on and
anyone else reading your comments can go check out your blog.

You never know, they might just decide to do some business with you or maybe refer
you to others.

However, if you make comments that shows that you have not engaged in any meaningful
way with either the blog owner’s post or other commentors then your comments will simply
be deleted, which is another very useful feature of blogging platforms.

So don’t be a dummie when making blog comments!

Get smart about your online activities and make them brand you into a valuable and value -added
citizen of the Internet!

Read this post by Nathan Bransford that further describes how to write a good blog comment

Making Comments On Blog Posts

It seems that some individuals who make comments on blog posts are
still not aware that their comments are moderated and deleted if they are
found to be, offensive, non-sensical or just plain spam.

It is actually quite amazing to me how uninformed these idiotic commentors
are. They persist in making unkind and unproductive comments and of course
like the cowards and miscreants that they are, they hide behind fake names and
emails, etc.

There are many ways available to moderate stupid, rude and mean comments
on blog posts and they never get seen except by the blog owner who trashes them
with one click.

So, I would like to suggest that when a commentor wants to say something
worthwhile about a post that they are welcome to do so, otherwise please
do not waste your time making useless and tasteless comments.

As a blog owner, I love to interact with my readers!

Even if they disagree with my posts I do welcome comments from those
who have value to  share and add to my pool of information.

For the most part those who take the time to make comments are smart and
kind and I am very pleased that they take the time to read and comment on
my blog posts.

However, there are always those bad apples who do NOT  like themselves or others
and want to spread their mean spiritedness around.

The Internet is so wonderful and have so much to offer to anyone who wants
learn, earn and grow.

I encourage fellow Internet marketers to look for ways to benefit and grow from
this great technology medium instead of using it to try to put others down.

As the saying goes “lead, follow or get out of the way”!

Making comments on blog posts should be MUTUALLY beneficial to the blog owner
and the person making the comment.