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How To Find Your Offline Customers Affordably

It is easy for Internet Marketers to forget that there is a whole world of
potential buyers and prospects offline.

I hope that the following 7 tips to find your offline customers will
remind you to think outside the cyber box.

  • Give a free talk (relative to your business) at local organizations, such as a:
    Library, Chamber of Commerce, Gardening Club, Health Club, Etc.


  • Run a free Workshop in your local area
    Do a short FREE demonstration of your service/product and then hand out
    a flyer for more information at your Website/Blog


  • Go to offline niche events such as Trade shows,
    talk with vendors and other attendees, meet new people and share a little
    of what you do, then invite them to visit your Blog or Website for more


Discover How To Find Customers And Leads At Live Events

  • Press Releases Work Offline Too!
    Very often we think that a PR is only for online marketing.
    However, this tool can be very effective offline when used correctly.
    Submit your Press Release to the Editor in the appropriate Dept
    of your local Newspaper


  • Distribute Targeted Flyers
    Ask permission first before doing this!
    Go to events or places that match your business niche and give out
    your flyers.
    If you are in the Health and Wellness or Fitness industry, then your
    local Gyms would be ideal place to distribute your:
    Now Lifestyle Business Flyers


  • Send out your message on a postcard or in other mailings
    This could be a bit expensive but could be worth it in the long run.
    People do not get much mail anymore and might be interested in a
    nice looking postcard addressed to them personally instead of generic
    junk mail they usually receive.
Offline customers are people too!

Wouldn’t You Love To Receive This Cute Postcard?


  • Try 2-Step Advertising
    Place a small classified ad offering a Free Report in your Niche
    and then send them to your Lead Capture page where your
    autoresponder will then send out more information.

It is imperative that your business finds that efficient balance between online and
offline marketing if it is to thrive and grow.