Internet Marketing Burnout Is Avoidable

Just attended another informative and insightful Saturday webinar training with
Internet marketing specialist and trainer Janet Legere.

Don Legere, her husband and business partner, provides the motivational portions of these
wonderful free sessions.

Today’s topic was about a negative side effective of Internet marketing over -drive and it is
called: Burnout!

Don cautioned us to be aware and alert to this phenomenon and to take steps to prevent it.

Internet marketing burnout IS avoidable when you make the effort to get back on target.

Janet shared that she has experienced burnout and the steps she took to recover and come
back stronger, happier, more focused and productive from each episode.

Internet marketing burnout does not just happen suddenly.
Which means that if you are aware and alert to the promptings of your body, emotions and
spirit, you will pick up on the early warning signs.

Some of which are; being easily frustrated, short tempered and fatigued and a general sense
of having lost your way and your passion.

Remember that you came to the Internet to enjoy and profit from your passion; WHATEVER IT IS!

If you have lost that sense of passion and purpose and all you are doing is just dragging
around without any joy, then you are probably in the midst of a burnout.

Stop what you are doing and go get a physical checkup to rule out medical reasons, such hormonal
imbalances or other health issues.

Then having resolved that come sit down and take pen and paper and design a re-modeled plan
that will make you feel energized and excited to be an Internet Marketer again.

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