Proper Site Structure Starts At Home

Affiliate Marketing For Online Income
Proper site structure starts at home on your own website or blog.
What I mean is that instead of going crazy trying to get good PR
sites to backlink to yours – why not do so some proper site structure
and avoid the headache and anxiety?

Proper site structure involves:

  • Finding good keywords
  • Writing or acquiring good content

Now,  good content is for YOUR readers – they decide how your
content satisfies their need(s) and whether the information was:

  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Helpful

Google on the other hand has a different agenda for your steady
stream of good, RELEVANT and regularly updated unique content.
Google wants to please their own customers!

It is almost as if you are working for Google.

Your reward from Google is that if your goal coincides with theirs
then you may get a good ranking until they decide to change the rules
on you.

One note about your content:
It does not have to be truly unique.

Your content can be a compilation of useful resources for
your readers .

In other words you can curate your content for your website or blog.

To learn more about proper site structure watch the informative video below …

The amazing video and lesson is from the generous Jennifer Ledbetter of:
Pot Pie Girl fame

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