Book Reviews

Book reviews to inspire both professionally and personally!

Sometimes it seems that it has all been said before, but a
different voice is very often what drives home the same
point that was missed by another individual.

All that matters however is that we discover those life-lessons
that will motivate and impel us to our own successful life.

One such book is – Wake Up and Live! by Dorothea Brande

It was published in 1936 yet is as relevant today as it was
then… maybe even more so.

It encourages personal responsibility for our actions and our
eventual life.

What a concept!

As adults we are responsible for what we do and where we
find ourselves in life because of our prior decisions and actions.

In our culture and society individuals expend huge amounts
of time and energy to defend the inexcusable and the trivial
while paying little or no attention to their own culpability.

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Live as if it were impossible for you to fail!