Add Apsense To Your Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing strategy is not complete without this proven resource.

Apsense is a business social network where members can promote their business
in an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect.

Members make connections, explore other member’s offers and create quality
and relevant content about their own business opportunity.

Networking On Apsense

You can build your own private network by inviting your friends and associates
to join you on Apsense.

Making contacts from people already on Apsense is as easy as sending them
a request.

Joining and becoming active in some of the business groups on this platform
is a very effective way to quickly establish you and your business as an
authority in your industry.

Be mindful that as a social media marketer your marketing activity should
be part useful, helpful value-added information and not just your sales page
and offers.

Explore Apsense

Reading articles created by other members is a good way to learn trends
in your own industry and provides ideas for writing your own business

Explore and join in the most popular discussions to contribute your
expertise and become noticed.

Apsense Revpages allow you to write reviews of your own business and
of other members as well.
This is another effective way to highlight your business.

Add apsense to your social media marketing strategy today!

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Win A Free iPad!
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Everywhere you look there are these funny little boxes sometimes in black and white, but
now you can see them in color as well.
So what are they?

They are called QR Codes (Quick Response Codes).

Win A Free iPad Here!

And they solve a very real marketing problem called “Fat Finger Syndrome”
As increasing numbers of your customers, clients and prospects access the
internet from their hand held device you run the risk of them incorrectly typing
in your website address from these small screens.

If these individuals become frustrated with not finding your business, they
will click away and you have lost them, perhaps forever.

Quick Response Codes can be scanned to access your website with
perfection every time!

Make your your own quick response code here!

Here is some important information for you to know:

Once your QR code is created you can MODIFY it into virtually any size you
want it, larger or smaller.

It can be made to accommodate a business card, and everything else in between.
Another point of information for you, over 1.3 million Android based smartphones
are being activated per day… and that doesn’t even count Apple’s iPhone, which
isn’t far behind!

And, just recently, we reached the point where more than 50% of
all internet traffic now originates from smartphones!
This is incredible, and a major game changer! If you are not part of this
phenomenon you will lose out on what’s happening!

Make as many free QR Codes as you want here!
















How To Find Your Offline Customers Affordably

It is easy for Internet Marketers to forget that there is a whole world of
potential buyers and prospects offline.

I hope that the following 7 tips to find your offline customers will
remind you to think outside the cyber box.

  • Give a free talk (relative to your business) at local organizations, such as a:
    Library, Chamber of Commerce, Gardening Club, Health Club, Etc.


  • Run a free Workshop in your local area
    Do a short FREE demonstration of your service/product and then hand out
    a flyer for more information at your Website/Blog


  • Go to offline niche events such as Trade shows,
    talk with vendors and other attendees, meet new people and share a little
    of what you do, then invite them to visit your Blog or Website for more


Discover How To Find Customers And Leads At Live Events

  • Press Releases Work Offline Too!
    Very often we think that a PR is only for online marketing.
    However, this tool can be very effective offline when used correctly.
    Submit your Press Release to the Editor in the appropriate Dept
    of your local Newspaper


  • Distribute Targeted Flyers
    Ask permission first before doing this!
    Go to events or places that match your business niche and give out
    your flyers.
    If you are in the Health and Wellness or Fitness industry, then your
    local Gyms would be ideal place to distribute your:
    Now Lifestyle Business Flyers


  • Send out your message on a postcard or in other mailings
    This could be a bit expensive but could be worth it in the long run.
    People do not get much mail anymore and might be interested in a
    nice looking postcard addressed to them personally instead of generic
    junk mail they usually receive.
Offline customers are people too!

Wouldn’t You Love To Receive This Cute Postcard?


  • Try 2-Step Advertising
    Place a small classified ad offering a Free Report in your Niche
    and then send them to your Lead Capture page where your
    autoresponder will then send out more information.

It is imperative that your business finds that efficient balance between online and
offline marketing if it is to thrive and grow.


Are Your Internet Marketing Strategies Too Old?

Are your internet marketing strategies too old  and outdated to be effective?

The internet has provided tremendous marketing ability to even the smallest

However, the way to implement that keeps changing and business owners
must be agile in adapting and adopting to this fluid marketing tool.

Is your business in danger of being left behind?

Do your competitors have cutting edge information that you


The Internet Will Leave You Behind Unless You Can Adopt And Adapt To The New Mobile Landscape!
Request Your Free Report To Learn How To Survive And Thrive In This New Marketing Arena!

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When you request your confidential marketing advantage free report
you will learn how to make use of this new marketing arena, profit
from it and dominate it in any niche of your choice.

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Debt Elimination Can Be Achieved With Making More Money

Debt elimination has traditionally been accomplish by debt consolidations, consumer
proposals and in extreme cases, filing bankruptcy.

However, none of these strategies will help you live an abundant life and a
bankruptcy can negatively impact your financial future and your
character, no matter what your reason for taking that option.

Permanently removing debt from your life means making more money!
An income that is larger than your needs and  wants and keeps growing
consistently will get you out of debt.

The Internet has made it simple to learn how to create online incomes that
are positively life-changing for you, your family and generations going forward.

What neither the Internet nor anyone else can do, is give you the drive to do so.

Making more money leads to debt elimination, but you must want it enough
and be willing to make the all-in effort it will take.

Just eking out a living is not the way to an abundant life!


And why should anyone want to live that way when there are so many possibilities
to create their own abundant life easily and affordably.

There are those who encourage us to live smaller lives; limiting our dreams and
desires will not bring happiness.
Rather we should be prepared to reach for an expanded life and do the work
necessary to achieve it.

Would you be interested in learning how Technology working for you as your
best employee can help you create and live a life of abundance and prosperity
that others only dream of?

And, how to earn four four, five,  six or more streams of income promoting
just this single no-cost program?

There is no fee to join, however, placement is important, so do it now!

You Are Invited To Eliminate Debt By Making More Money Here!

Best wishes

Yvonne Finn
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Explode Your Niche Business In 3 Steps

Lightening speed is the way the Internet changes and you must keep up to be
consistently successful in your niche business.

The challenge for marketers is not only to be alert to these changes, but to make
the shift required to seamlessly adopt to and implement the new trends.
It takes not only agility , but the willingness to change!

Learning to see trends and still remain relevant in your chosen niche or niches is

Brick and mortar business are able to indulge their decision making process with
more time and reflection. Not so online!

How to ensure this situation works to your advantage?

As  a niche business owner, or internet marketer,  your need to recognize that your
most valuable commodity is speed.

When you are the first to gain supremacy in your chosen online niche, you will have
achieved a massive advantage over your competitors.
How can you do this?

Just a few years ago it was as simple as taking the time to do a Google search to find
under-serviced niches.Explode Your Niche Business

Then quickly putting up and promoting a simple and keyword rich website.

Unfortunately, that strategy is no longer as effective as it used to be.

Due to the varied and ever changing algorithms that search engines like Google
use to measure and calculate results, it has become extremely difficult if not
impossible to find those aforementioned under- served niches segments.

Here are the 3 steps you can use to overcome this dilemma.

  1. Use niche-finding software (such as Micro Niche Finder) to search out profitable niches for internet marketers.


  1. Create a website and sales page that provides information that is both more relevant to searchers, and more enticing to buyers than your competitors can offer.


  1. Actively and pro-actively study your niche to figure out its dynamics and characteristics.

This will enable you to predict its trajectory and adjust accordingly.


While this might seem simple it takes focus and a great deal of work to dominate any niche.
However, the pay off can be huge and well worth the effort!

Allow yourself to dream big again and do not be discouraged by gurus telling you
that it is impossible or unachievable.
With the right attitude and combination of know-how and software it is still possible
to dominate in your chosen market niche.


To learn more about Niche Marketing, check out the free Niche Finder report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate