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Your Content Sweet Spot

Insightful, informative and useful video about finding your content sweet spot…

Many Internet marketers go overboard with their content output.
They seem to feel that more is better and have no idea how they are
being perceived by their audience.
So they continue to send too many emails, write too many blog posts and social media updates.
This content over load can turn off readers instead creating that connection that they want.

Salma Jafri, Contributor, Entrepreneur
Makes actionable suggestions in the video above that should help content producers
avoid wasting time and annoying their readers from this point on.

Key Points to Your Content Sweet Spot

  • Aim for the minimum effective dose
  • Avoid annoying your content receivers
  • Use analytics to accurately measure content output limits
  • Promotional efforts maybe what you need to focus on

This is information that can seem counter-intuitive in the light of how much
we hear about how Internet users want content in search engines, etc.

However, it does not have to take a full page to say something that could be said in half
a page.

That has always been my belief and I am happy to see that others agree.

Why should a post be 700 words when 300 will say it all?

Do not bombard your prospects or customers with hourly emails no matter how discounted
your sale is!

Making repetitive posts to social media every five minutes is annoying to say the least.

So, go watch the video and make your content draw people to you!

Search Engine Optimization Simplified

What Is Search Engine Optimization?
It is the process and strategy of getting a first page ranking on Google which is the
number one search engine on the Internet.
Get a good ranking on Google and you will also do well in other search engines, such as
Bing and Yahoo.
A first page ranking is important for your business as most people who search online will not
often go past the second page in their searches.
The mechanics of Search Engine Optimization is straightforward but still not easily
accomplished and not static either.
It is elusive and constantly changing, especially as Google often changes its Algorithm in an
effort to:

  • Better serve its customers
  • Thwart cheaters who try to circumvent the rules of good Search Engine Optimization

Your First Step To Achieving Search Engine Optimization:

Research the best keyword (s) for your product or service.
Search for a keyword tool online. There are some free ones available and the list keeps growing.
Input your keyword or keyword phrase to begin your search.

For example, when you search on Google for “high end lawn furniture” you will be presented
with several pages.
Ignore the ads and go to the organic searches;
These are the phrases that real potential customers and buyers have searched for online.
Choose the most descriptive words or phrases that describes what you are going to offer
and build your website and marketing content around those.
Some experts insist that your website name (domain name) must have your keyword in it.
That might be ideal, but it is not always possible because with popular products or service
that domain has either:

  • Already been taken, or:
  • Too expensive to purchase, especially for a beginner with a limited budget

After you have a list of keywords you go to a domain seller like GoDaddy or Hostgator
and purchase your website name.
Hostgator also sells inexpensive hosting for your website.

Focus on your keywords!

Your content should focus on your keywords in an appropriate percentage/ratio to the
length of your post.
That means no overuse of keywords in an attempt to fool search engines about the
value of the information you have at your site.
Write to give your reader honest helpful information that will enable them to make clear
choices about your product and your competitor’s.

As your website grows and you get feedback from customers add those to your website
as testimonials.
To make your website become more visible to buyers you must promote, either through
paid or free methods.
Paid advertising can be found by doing a search engine request for that phrase.
Some of the most effective free methods are article marketing and linking back to your
“high end lawn furniture” website or blog.
Here Is A Short List Of Article Marketing Sites To Get You Started:
Go Articles
After you have gained some popularity with your own blog or website you might also be
asked to guest post on other sites in your niche. The reward is usually a link back to your
website. If that link is from a high ranking site that will help to push your own site higher
in ranking too.
Ultimately, never forget that you want what is best for your potential customer so find a
quality product one you are proud to promote and then do so in an honest and helpful way…
As I said earlier this is a simplified version of Search Engine Optimization for more help

Canadian Banking Industry Rip Off Canadians

Video presentation below is an eye-opening take on the Canadian banking industry
rip off with our Government’s consent.
Must we all just live with it or is there some action we can take to bring about some changes?


If even a 12 year child can see this situation so clearly and articulate it in no uncertain
terms then why do grown up Canadians just blindly accept this inequity and pass it on
to the next generation.

Is there any wonder why the young people of our nation can often seem so fed up and
disillusioned with their future prospects for a productive and progressive life?

If all we as their role models do is work hard to make a few rich and that goal is out of
the reach of so many then what is the incentive if the system is rigged from the beginning?

Watch the video and wake up Canada!
Our children are watching!
In the video Victoria  Grant presents banking as it was meant to to be and used to be.

She also takes us through the twisted mis-steps that it took us to get from that fairer
and more humane system to where it is today…
With some valuable and actionable suggestion as to how we can get back to more
equitable transactions between the banks and their customers … us.

Practicing Humanitarian Commerce


What is Humanitarian Commerce and eCommerce?
This is one of those instances where if you have to ask, you probably are not doing it.

In its simplest definition, commerce is: the exchange of goods or services for money
or in kind.
It is a business dealing or transaction!

Most business owners are ethical and take great pride in ensuring that their business dealings
are beneficial to all those involved in the transactions that they commit to.
In other words they strive for a win-win outcome!

Not so with many other business people.
There are those who believe that trickery, misrepresentations, outright lies and over-charging
for their goods or services makes them sharp and smart commercially.

They do not necessarily care about building relationships with their customers, clients or
communities. They only care about taking as much as they can as fast as they can.
Building a legacy is not what they are after.

Usually, they want to get into business and get out as fast as possible before they are found out.
That kind of mindset is obviously not one of humanitarianism.
To be engaged in Humanitarian Commerce the business owner must have a desire to serve with
integrity the needs of their customer as well as their own needs.

Give the best quality product or service to the customer at a reasonable cost!
They also make an effort to build and support the community in which they operate and to give back
as often as they can.
Is your business a Humanitarian Commerce or eCommerce one?
A few tips on getting your business into a win-win mode:

  • Create an empowering vision for your business
  • Treat your staff with respect and compensate them as well as you can
  • Be fair to your customers and clients in ALL transactions
  • Never let local or global expansion compromise your product or service
  • Ask for ongoing input from staff, customers and all those involved in your business

Those are only a few of the steps you can take to ensure your business will succeed humanely and
be financially profitable for the long run…

ClickBank Products Fastest Way To Online Income

ClickBank Products Makes Internet Marketers Money
Learning to effectively promote clickbank products is a proven fast
way to make online income.

Clickbank Products

Are you anxious to start making money online?
Then do what many successful Internet Marketers have done.
I do not have an exact figure but I would guess that close to 75 percent
of Internet Marketers became successful affiliate marketers by selling
ClickBank products.
The two main reasons most online income seekers choose to promote products
from the Clickbank Marketplace is:

  • Easy learning curve
  • Free to use
To start your clickbank marketing efforts you will need to:
  • Signup for a  free Clickbank account
  • Read all the pertinent information
  • Get a domain name
  • Get web hosting
  • Learn free or paid marketing strategies

This might sound like a lot of learning to do, but it has been done
by many others before you.

Many Internet marketers make the mistake of trying to skip these
steps and they either fail to make money or make only a little and
then become frustrated and quit in disappointment.

But, as I have said earlier in this post many, now famously wealthy
online marketers started out using Clickbank and its numerous and
varied digital products to launch their business.

 No company or service can guarantee your income level, however from my own
experience it is always rewarding to get check in the mail no matter how small
the amount.
Someone once said it is all a matter of the zeros.
So, I know that all I have to do is work a bit harder and smarter to add those


Achieve Effective Email Marketing Automation Tips

achieve email marketing automationWhat is email marketing automation?
Before you can use this strategy effectively, you must first know:

  • What email marketing is
  • What it means to make it automated

Sometimes Internet marketers use the two terms interchangeably, however,
email marketing is a broader strategy than the automated version.
Read more here

Recently I read a very informative blog post from an online associate and
I want to share it with you.
It is a fairly long and detailed article but well worth your time as it makes it clear
how to achieve email marketing automation.

Read the post here …

Key to Effective Email Marketing Automation

One of the key pieces of information in the above article post is that email
marketing is how you build a relationship with your readers and potential
buyers who you most likely will never see face to face.
The article stresses that building these marketing relationship takes
time and is based on the principle of people getting to know, like and trust you.
So, even though the process of connecting with these potential buyers of
of your product or service can be automated you must ensure that the content
of your emails is as authentic and personalized as you can make it.

One of the keys to email marketing automation is to make the process automated
but the content special, unique and personalized for each recipient or at least each
group of recipient(s).

One of the risk that the untrained email marketer runs is to send out email that
is not asked for or irrelevant to the mailing list.

When a marketer does this repeatedly they are in danger of losing members from
their list.
So, before you start the process of automating your emails, ensure that you have
parsed your potential recipients into tight relevant groups who will benefit from
what you are sending them on a regular basis.

Remember the Internet is about information that is useful, helpful and entertaining.